Research instrumentation

- Emission spectrometer ICP with IMAGE system,
- Absorption spectrometer,
- X-ray powder diffractometer (PHILIPS X-Pert),
- High resolution Spectrometer/Spectrograph (PGS-2),
- Monochromators (SpectralProducts DK480, BENTHAM M-300HR and JOBIN YVON Triax 320),
- HPLC chromatograph (KNAUER) with conductovity detector (ALLTECH 550),
- Hydride generators and cold vapor systems,
- Microwave assisted systems for ashing and digestion (MILESTONE).
- Photometers,
- Ion-selective electrodes.
- vacuum pump, vacuum chamber, flow meters
- dc, 100 kHz, 13.56 MHz, microwave power supply

Adaptation and modernization of laboratories of Analytical Chemistry Division was carried out with aid of financial support of Polish Foundation of Science within MILAB program

MILAB agreement license No. 9/2001

X-ray powder diffraction laboratory

Stand for spectroscopic data analysis

Trace element laboratory

Entrance chamber

Stand for working with solutions of ultratrace elements

Stands for classic mineralization

Stands for microwave assisted mineralization

Stands for leaching

Laboratory for PhD and MSc students

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